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Patient’s reports

In summer 2020, our patient S.H. from Thuringia decided to undergo treatment with us. With the “Model Leu”, we placed six immediate implants each in the upper and lower jaw in Frankfurt. In May 2021 she wrote this letter:

Dear team around Dr Leu

I will never forget that day in June 2020. When I had finally done it ... it took me what felt like 100 attempts ... to register on your website, I was still hoping afterwards that maybe no one would get in touch after all. However, the next day I got a very nice phone call and then it all went very smoothly. T1 in July in Berlin, I was sitting on the train and couldn’t believe that I would manage to overcome my extreme dental fear coupled with a lot of shame and discomfort because of my bad teeth. After all, in the last few years I had always turned around at the very last moment when I stood in front of the house where the dentist’s office was located. Now I was driving hundreds of kilometres ... it was just crazy.

I marched into the practice, I met Dr Birch, I felt understood and all the treatment options were explained to me. I saw light at the end of my dental problem tunnel. On the drive home I was sure ... I can do this!

Hardly a week went by without me receiving phone calls and/or emails from the nice ladies discussing and planning the further treatment. All my questions about the planned surgery under anaesthesia were answered at all times.

So on 15.08.2020, I was already sitting in the practice of Dr Leu and Prof Dr Dr Schmidseder in Frankfurt. It was a Saturday and everyone—nurses, anaesthetist, dentist and Dr Birch— was there just for me. After 5.5 hours of anaesthesia, I had overcome a huge hurdle and was just grateful. Six implants each in the upper and lower jaw, no pain, almost no swelling ... I could hardly believe it. That day I already got my prosthesis for the lower jaw and the Berlin Model (temporary) for the upper jaw.

Of course, it took time to get used to the new teeth. Especially the denture in the upper jaw took a lot of getting used to, but I knew that it could only get better from now on. I didn’t need any painkillers and everything healed super well. Mrs Großmann contacted me in the days after the operation and gave me many helpful tips.

My biggest problem in the first few weeks was the removal of the prosthesis in the lower jaw, which sat extremely tightly on the implants. I can recommend a prosthesis remover to all those who have the same problem. I still use it for the lower jaw.

Several check-ups followed in Frankfurt to remove the stitches and adjust the dentures. In December, the time had come. I got my palate-free denture for the upper jaw and could say goodbye to the temporary Berlin Model.

The dental laboratory in Frankfurt did a great job.

Today, 8 months after the operation, I am super happy with my new teeth.

I am also incredibly grateful, grateful that this amazing team around Dr Leu and his unique concept for patients with dental fear exist.

A big thank you to everyone.

Especially to all the staff I was allowed to get to know: Dr Birch, who was by my side and there for me at every appointment, Mrs Kubalski, Mrs Großmann, Mrs Lickefett and Mrs de Gooijer, who were available for me by phone all the time.

A big thank you also to the Stella Dental laboratory in Frankfurt.

Kind regards

S. H.

Mr W. K. had his T2 with preparations for interim crowns and bridges in Munich on 05.02. .
I could not reach him by phone and sent him a detailed email.
Below is his grateful reply.

Dear Ms Großmann

Thank you very much for asking.

Currently, my biggest pain is the headache of why I didn't take this step much earlier!!!!

I feel better than I have in a long time!!!!

The T2 went super great. Not the slightest pain since waking up from the anesthesia. Of course, I'm following the care instructions very closely. I'm looking very much forward to the T3 to complete the whole thing!!!!!

Apart from that, all I can say at this point is thank you.

You, Dr Leu, and the entire team are absolutely amazing and I hope for every single person who is thinking about taking this step that they don't hesitate and just go for it!!!!!

For people like us, you are truly essential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU.

With friendly, smiling greetings

W. K.