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Phobia Self-Test

Questionnaire to determine your degree of anxiety

Questionnaire anxiety grade

The following test is a standardised hierarchical fear questionnaire (HAF), which determines the level of your fear just before a dentist appointment (according to Jöhren, 1999)

Test how strong the following declarations apply to your situation. Click your answer.

relaxed anxious tense afraid angst-ridden
How would you feel if you had a dentist appointment tomorrow?
You are sitting in the waiting room and are about to be called up. How are you feeling?
Imagine you are entering the examination room. There is that typical smell.
You are on the examination chair and the dentist is entering the room.
Together, you are looking at the x-ray and talking about what needs to be done.
How do you feel when the dentist announces that s/he is about to remove some plaque?
The dentist explains that you have cavities, and that s/he will start the necessary treatment.
S/he changes the position of the dental chair and prepares the injection needle.
Imagine the sound of the drill. How does it make you feel?
The dentist explains that the cavity is too serious to be treated and that s/he will have to remove the tooth.
A wisdom tooth needs to be removed. You have already received local anaesthetic. The dentist picks us the scalpel.

×By sending the HAF Test, your data is evaluated automatically and you are informed about your score obtained.

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